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14 Jan 16: consultation to be re-run
wait for further advice!

click to read Hart's reasoning

It is very important that a large number of parishioners carefully read the associated documents
and complete the online consultation before the closing date of 15 January. Although you are inviuted to respond online, a PDF version of the questionnaire can be printed out, filled in and returned to Hart if you so prefer.

Note that there are two parallel consultations: housing and where to put them; and strategic priorities. The douments for the former are THIS, THIS and THIS; for the latter THIS.

Documents related to the evidence base, including housing sites, may be found HERE.

Crookham Village Parish Council will be holding two public meetings to aquaint parishioners with the consultation and to listen to local views before making its own response to Hart.


TUESDAY 8 DECEMBER at Zebon Copse Centre at 8 PM

MONDAY 14 DECEMBER at the WI HALL at 7:30 PM

It is in YOUR interest to attend at least one of these meetings,
noting that accommodation is more limited at the WI Hall than at ZCC.

At the meeting on 8 December questions were asked about the
Hart Settlement Hierarchy. Details HERE.

A summary of the key points produced jointly by CVPC and FACE-IT is HERE.



12 January 2016

More responses needed to CVPC Neighbourhood Plan consultation. See NPSG web site. Please have your say NOW!

9 November 2015

HCC public consultation on reduced street lighting, grass cutting and roadside weed treatments ends 11 Dec 15. See here>>.

2 November 2015

Dr Indra Sinka co-opted to fill the councillor vacancy.

23 October 2015

A vacancy has arisen for a parish councillor on Crookham Village Parish Council, which will be filled by co-option. Details here>>.

6 Oct 2015

MOD will be closing Bourley Road for approx 2 weeks from 19 October for repair works.

6 Oct 2015

Beacon Hill Road will be closed for works from 5 October for up to 6 weeks between the roundabout on Aldershot Road and Bourley Road junction. The closure notice is here>> and a map with site layout and a suggested diversion route is here>>.

3 Oct 2015

Malthouse Bridge across the canal will be closed for repairs on 12 and 13 October. The alternative route is via Coxheath Road.

3 Oct 2015

Trading Standards warn of a telephone scam offering council tax rebates. Details here>>.

29 Sep 2015

Notice of conclusion of the annual audit for CVPC - open period now complete.

28 Aug 2015

Major changes to local Stagecoach bus services come into force on 1 September 2015. Details are here>>.

28 Aug 2015

Warning from Trading Standards about on-line purchase of puppies is here>>.

26 Aug 2015

Resurfacing around Crookham Crossroads roundabout will be undertaken on the nights of the 04/09/15 and the 05/09/15.  For this work, complete closure of the roundabout will be in place and the work for both nights will be from 1930 until 0630.  Appropriate diversion routes will be in place and clearly signed.

19 Aug 2015

Changes to the local Taxishare service for residents of Crookham Villlage and Zebon Copse to go to Fleet come into force on 1 September 2015. Details here>>. Existing users will be notified by letter shortly.

11 Aug 2015

That length of the old Hitches Lane at its junction with Dukes Mead will be closed for sewage works by MGJV on behalf of Thames Water from 24th August
2015 for approx. one week.

5 Jul 2015

M3 closures for road works during July 2015 are detailed here>>.

2 Jul 2015

Planning application 14/01387/MAJOR for up to 423 residential dwellings and a community facility. Associated vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access, drainage and landscape works including provision of public open space and sports pitches. Provision of country park / SANG as an extension to Edenbrook Country Park on land North Of Netherhouse Copse, Hitches Lane (known locally as Grove Farm) is now scheduled to be considered by Hart Council at 7pm on Wednesday 29 July 2015.

22 Jun 2015

3-way traffic lights at junction of Pilcot Road and Knight Close for 2 weeks from 24 June.

15 Jun 2015

Contact numbers for Hampshire County Council are changing as as cost changes loom for 0845. Some of the main new numbers so far are:

• General Enquiries & Switchboard: 0300 555 1375
• Roads and Transport: 0300 555 1388
• Concessionary Travel (including Blue Badge): 0300 555 1376
• Concessionary Travel Minicom (including Blue Badge): 0300 555 1390

15 Jun 2015

Parishioners are invited to participate by 6 July 2015 in the Hampshire County Council survey of views on a range of options for managing an anticipated £98 million funding shortfall here>>.

15 Jun 2015

Expect loud aircraft noise during the RAF Odiham Families Day air show on Thursday 23 July. Horse owners especially should note.

8 Jun 2015

Fleet Link poster for Crookham Village parishioners is here>>.

8 Jun 2015

Public meeting on proposed changes in September to Stagecoach buses to be held in  the Harlington Centre, Fleet at  7pm on 8 July 2015.

4 Jun 2015

No 72 bus timetable updated. See here>>.

1 Jun 2015

Albany Park (Watery Lane) appeal decision now not expected until 26 June 2015.

28 May 2015

Consultation on review of Hampshire County Council electoral boundaries closes 3 August 2015. Details here>>.

26 May 2015

Cold callers in Fleet Area leave with money before completing tree and garden works. Be warned! Details here>>.

20 May 2015

Crondall Road will be closed for resurfacing work from Wednesday 27 May to Saturday 30 May 2015. Weekdays closed 0700-1630; Saturday 0700 to mid-morning. See notice here>>.

5 May 2015

The April 2015 SCAMS Newsletter from Trading Standards is here>>.

28 Apr 2015

Stagecoach questionnaire on future bus services in the Fleet area is here>> or on-line here>> with a deadline of 1 June 2015. If you want buses, respond!

25 Apr 2015

The Albany Park appeal hearing is now complete. The Inspector's decision is expected in June.

22 Apr 2015

Redfields end of Ewshot Lane to be closed from 1 May 2015. Details here>>.

19 Apr 2015

New warnings from Trading Standards here>> and the Police here>>.

15 Apr 2015

Malthouse Bridge repairs delayed start now 20 April. Other details here>>.

12 Apr 2015

Crondall Road will be closed for through traffic from 20 April 2015 for an estimated 5 weeks to allow installation of new traffic calming measures and changes to speed limits towards the A287. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

12 Apr 2015

Sandy Lane will be closed for junction works at the Aldershot Road end from 27 April 2015 for an estimated 9 weeks. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

9 Apr 2015

Sandy Lane closed from 27 April for work on junction with Aldershot Road near the Wyvern. HCC Notice here>>.

2 Apr 2015

New phone line to Hart Citizens' Advice Bureau on 03444 111444 gives direct access to an assessor. See here>>.

23 Mar 2015

Notice of closure of Malthouse Bridge for repairs from 7 April 2015 is here>>.

17 Mar 2015

Warning of council tax scam by unauthorised door-to-door callers in Hart offering review of council tax band for £50 and taking bank account information. Don't be fooled - ring 101 if approached. You can investigate council tax valuations from here>>.

5 Mar 2015

Come and walk over the threatened Albany Park housing site next to Watery Lane in advance of the Planning Appeal starting on 14 April. Meet 1130 at Poulters Bridge Saturday 7 March and wear wellies.

4 Mar 2015

Further warning from Hampshire Trading Standards here>>.

2 Mar 2015

Advanced preparation for Crondall Road traffic calming is due to start on 23 March 2015 with the main work due to start on 20 April for approximately 6 weeks. Traffic will be controlled by signals/stop-go boards for most of the time, but temporary road closures may be required towards the end of the period.

2 Mar 2015

Work to repair Malthouse Bridge is expected to start on 7 April after gas works on Coxheath Road have been completed.

2 Mar 2015

Warning about bogus trading standards officers is here>>.

11 Feb 2015

Ewshot Lane will be closed near Homecroft Farm for around 5 weeks from 23 February 2015 for gas works. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

8 Feb 2015

Hart council is holding Affordable Housing events for over-55s on 10 and 28 February. Details here>>.

7 Feb 2015

The Albany Park (14/00504/MAJOR) appeal, for 300 houses next to Watery Lane and St Nicholas School, starts at 10am on Tuesday 14 April in the Lismoyne Hotel, Fleet and is expected to last for 8 days. Related planning documents are here>>. The more people who attend during the appeal the more convinced the Inspector will be that local people care about the outcome.

2 Feb 2015

Police guidance to countryside walkers is here>>.

15 Jan 2015

Crondall Road closed to through traffic until about 20 January for repair work on the edges of the carriageway. This is not linked to the installation of traffic calming due shortly.

15 Jan 2015

The Fleet Taxishare route has been extended to include a stop at the Crookham Village Social Club. The revised schedule is here>>.

13 Jan 2015

An exhibition of adult exercise equipment to be installed on Lea Green (Netherhouse Moor) will be held in the WI Hall from 10am until noon on Saturday 31 January 2015.

11 Jan 2015

A revised leaflet for Fleet Taxishare is here>>.

7 Jan 2015

Details of Police surgeries, held in Odiham, for the rural area of the parish, including Crookham Village, are here>>.

31 Dec 2014

Plans of the final scheeme for revised speed limits and traffic calming for Crondall Road are here>> with work expected to start in February/March 2015.

31 Dec 2014

Updated details of changes to local bus services from 5 January 2015 and of a taxishare scheme to Fleet are here>>.

31 Dec 2014

The January 2015 Safer Hart newsletter is here>>.

18 Dec 2014

Further to the news about losing buses on 9 December, the remaining bus service near to the parish is the No 72, for which the full timetable is here>>. Investigations continue into possible alternatives to the lost bus services.

Hart Council is offering recycling bins, garden waste bins and glass bins at a promotional price of:
Glass 140 litre wheeled bin: £25
Garden waste 140 litre wheeled bin: £25
Garden waste 240 litre wheeled bin: £30
Recycling UPGRADE from 140 litre to 240 litre wheeled bin: £10
Recycling 240 litre wheeled bin: £20
Recycling 140 litre wheeled bin: £25 no longer free

9 Dec 2014

Fleet Buzz announce that the No30 bus service (and others) will be withdrawn from 5 January 2015. Details here>>. Traveline here>> may help find a route by public transport in our area.

25 Nov 2014

The November Safer Hart newsletter is here>> together with advice on Internet Safety here>> and Bike Safety here>>.

25 Nov 2014

Extra box/bin for glass recycling available from Hart. Details here>>.

25 Nov 2014

Bank card scam strikes Crookham villager. Details here>>. You have been warned!

20 Nov 2014

Martin Grant has appealed refusal of 14/00504/MAJOR for 300 houses adjacent to Watery Lane. Appeal ref APP/N1730/A/2228404. Last date for new inputs to the Planning Inspectorate is 31 December 2014. To monitor the appeal process, see here>> and input 2228404 and Hart in relevant fields of the search form.

2 Nov 2014

Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is holding a Public Meeting on Monday Nov 10th at 8pm in the W.I Hut.  We would welcome your views and input to this meeting so please come along and have your say about how you would like to see the village develop over the next few years.

3 Oct 2014

Public exhibitions on M3 J2-4a smart motorway proposals from 1400-2000 on Friday 17 October at the Holiday Inn Farnborough, Lynchford Road, Farnborough GU14 6AZ and on Saturday 18 October from 1000-1600 at St Johns Church, Church Road, Windlesham GU20 6BL.

3 Oct 2014

B3349 (Hartley Wintney to M4 J11) closed for 3 days or more after 1 October. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

25 Sept 2014

Hart full council confirms refusal of planning application 14/00504/MAJOR for Albany Park.

14 Aug 2014

Public consultaion now open about high-level policy on where to put thousands of extra homes in Hart up to 2032. Details here>>.

14 Aug 2014

Planning application 14/01387/MAJOR for 423 houses on Grove Farm off Hitches Lane just south of the Leisure Centre is open to public comment until 20 August 2014. Details here>>. To be considered by CVPC in public at Zebon Copse Centre at 8pm on Monday 18 August.

30 Jul 2014

WWI candle-lit commemoration at the Gally Hill Road/Gables Road War Memorial starting at 10pm on Monday 4 August. Organised by the Royal British Legion. All welcome.

29 Jul 2014

August 2014 Community Safety Newsletter is here>> and includes a warning of a doorstep scam in the Church Crookham area.

28 Jul 2014

A323 closure from Elvetham roundabout to Pale Lane from 28 July 2014 for 5-6 weeks. Notice here>> and diversion map here>>.

28 Jul 2014

WW1 event at Christ Church, Crookham at 1200 on Sunday 3 August 2014. All ages welcome. Details here>>.

25 Jun 2014

After a recent spate of garage burglaries, the Police have arranged a special offer on a device to make up-and-over garage doors more secure. See here>>.

9 May 2014

Toxic algae has reduced to the point where, with suitable precautions, the canal is now open again to all boaters, but is not yet safe for pets.
Powered boaters - Wash hands after coming into contact with water, such as after lifting mooring ropes or emptying weed hatches.
Unpowered boats – do not carry out rolling practice or any activities that will purposely put you under/in the water. If you capsize accidentally try not to swallow water. Shower and wash clothing as soon as possible. The algae can irritate skin particularly if it is trapped between skin and clothing. If you find any green surface scums or swirls of algae keep away from these. Do not use boats that are prone to capsizing until after the algae has gone.
Everyone - Keep dogs out of the water. If they go in make sure they do not lick themselves and hose them down ASAP to remove the algae from their fur. Do not let them drink the water. (Local vets have been notified of the algal bloom). Wash hands if you come into contact with canal water.

2 May 2014

Toxic “Blue-Green” algae has been identified in the canal between Fleet and Dogmersfield. The Hampshire section (Ash Lock–Greywell) of the Canal is closed to unpowered boats and the rest of the canal is being checked.

• Do not allow your dogs to swim or drink water from the canal.

• If you come into contact with the algal blooms ensure good hygiene before eating and drinking. Symptoms may include skin rashes, vomiting, fever and joint pains.

• If you feel unwell or are concerned please contact your doctor.

• Unwell pets should be taken to a vet as soon as possible.

• Additional information is available on the Environment Agency website.

30 Apr 2014

The parish Speedwatch team recently recorded and reported 40 speeding vehicles. They would welcome more volunteers to join their team. Please contact if you would like to help reduce speeding traffic through the parish.

29 Apr 2014

The latest scam warning from Hampshire Trading Standards is here>>.

10 Apr 14

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has been asked by both Defra and 10 Downing Street to see if there is evidence of groups who may be excluded from Flood Re having difficulty in finding flood cover.
Anyone whose access to household insurance cover is affected by flooding should complete the government-requested BIBA survey here>>. Deadline is 17 April 2014.

27 Mar 2014

The schedule of police Beat Surgeries in the Church Crookham area up to June 2014 is here>>.

3 Mar 2014

Series of breakins and other incidents around Zebon Copse and Church Crookham over the last few months shows little sign of stopping. Be secure. Report anything suspicious to the police on 101 - or 999 if crime in progress. Crime map here>>; widen date range to get true picture. Recent Neighbourhood Watch newsletters here>>.

1 Mar 2014

Fleet Road is due to be closed for highway improvement works which will involve excavation in a bid to identify the cause of the subsidence in the speed table outside the Bath Store / Flying Fish and Chip shop. Work is due to start 10 March and last for 5 days.

13 Feb 2014

Want an allotment? See here>>.

6 Feb 2014
Anyone recently affected by flooding from foul or storm sewers or balancing ponds is encouraged to complete a Sewer Flooding questionnaire to Thames Water. Details here>>.

3 Feb 2014

Public consultation on changes to Farnborough airfield airspace and flight paths starts today and ends on 2 May. Details here>>.

21 Jan 2014

To save money, Hampshire County Council is proposing to stop visits by the Mobile Library service to Crookham Village (opposite The Exchequer) from 2015. If you wish to comment on this to HCC, do so by email>>.

20 Jan 2014

Urgent warning of scam targetted at elderly people. Details here>>.

14 Jan 2013

Work will start on the Pilcot Road footway between Knight Close and the parish boundary on 27 January 2014. During the works, which are expected to take 14 weeks, the road will be closed for part of the time. Details here>>>>. and suggested diversion route here>>.

10 Jan 2014

Closure of part of Ewshot Lane from 27 January for around one month. Details and diversion map here>>.

8 Jan 2014

Contractors now estimate that Crondall Road will re-open by Friday 24 January 2014.

28 Dec 2013

Hart Citizens Advice Bureau winter 2013 newsletter is here>>.

24 Dec 2013

Sandy Lane to be closed from 6 January for major road works. Notice here>> and diversion route here>>.

23 Dec 2013

Latest advice on scams from Trading Standards is here>>.

17 Dec 2013

Results of the Crondall Road Traffic Calming consultation and plans for the scheme are here>>.

9 Dec 2013

Over 55 and alone or only with spouse/carer on Christmas Day? Offer of festive lunch in Victoria Halls Hartley Wintney. Transport may be available. Details here>>.

27 Nov 2013

Now that the canal has been drained under Malthouse Bridge, the full extent of the damage has been revealed. More remedial work than previously anticipated will need to be done in stages to preserve the integrity of the abutment and may not be finished until January 2014.

13 Nov 2013

Work has been completed on the drainage for footpath 5 beyond Riverside Cottage, but the recent wet weather means that the new hoggin surface needs to be left to settle for a while before the path can be re-opened. Please respect the temporary barriers whilst they remain for a few weeks.

13 Nov 2013

Hampshire County Council seeks residents' views on funding priorities for budget decisions in light of financial cutbacks. Take part in the on line survey here>> by 29 November 2013.

8 Nov 2013

Starting 12 November 2013 for approximately 7 days repairs to the drainage system in the verge at the Pilcot Road/Hitches Lane junction may cause some traffic delays, but the road will remain open. Temporary traffic signals may be used.

4 Nov 2013

Temporary closure of CV BOAT 12 (Hancocks Farm to Mill Lane) from 1 November 2013 for resurfacing. Details here>>.

1 Nov 2013

1km of Aldershot Road towards Church Crookham from its junction with the A323 Fleet-Aldershot road will be closed from 1930 on Monday 4 November 2013 until 0600 the following day.

28 Oct 2013

Trading Standards warning about applications for Passports and European Health Insurance Card here>>.

24 Oct 2013

Warning from Hampshire Police about unsolicited contact offering intruder alarm systems. Details here>>.

23 Oct 2013

Part of footpath 5 near Riverside Cottage to be closed for drainage works from 4 November. Details here>>.

23 Oct 2013

Part closure of Itchell Road from 28 October. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

20 Oct 2013

Safer Hart advice on dealing with domestic abuse is here>>.

17 Oct 2013

Major work on Pilcot Road footway delayed until at least January 2014 due to other roadworks in area.

11 Oct 2013

Crondall Road closure for electricity cable works due to start 16 October 2013 and last up to 12 weeks. Current works on Pilcot Road between Hitches Lanes and Crondall Road are due to be completed by 21 October 2013.

11 Oct 2013

HDC early advice about preparing for winter snowfalls here>>.

19 Sep 2013

Crookham Village Twinning Association are holding a fund-raising Beatle Drive in the Social Club at 7:30pm on Saturday 26 October 2013. More details here>>.

11 Sep 2013

Online Crondall Road traffic calming consultation by HCC is here>>. Closing date 9 October 2013. Public meeting 6-8pm tonight in the WI Hall, Crookham Village.

9 Sep 2013

Work to repair the abutments of Malthouse Bridge is scheduled to start on 28 October and last approximately one month, during which passage on the canal will not be possible past this point. It is possible that the bridge may also need to be closed to road traffic for a short time, but this will not be known until work is under way.

7 Sep 2013

A number of traffic surveys involving a short stop to answer questions are scheduled in the district during the next few months, including Pilcot Road and Redfields Lane in this parish.

2 Sep 2013

HCC has produced a guide to fracking and related topics on oil and gas. See here>>.

2 Sep 2013

Fleet Buzz 30 service during Gally Hill roadworks will be diverted via Reading Road South & Basingbourne Road going towards Basingstoke and normal route when terminating at Zebon Copse. The return journey towards Fleet will be via Basingbourne Road & Reading Road South for all service 30’s.

2 Sep 2013

Additional glass recycling crates are available if required free of charge from Hart District Council. For details search for 'kerbside glass recycling' here>>.

2 Sep 2013

The latest update on progress with the Gally Hill Road water main replacement and consequent traffic implications is here>>.

18 Aug 2013

Crookham Almshouse Charity, Gally Hill Road, Church Crookham, has a vacant flat for a couple, of good character, and in financial need. Priority will be given to couples residing in Fleet, Ewshot, Dogmersfield, Crondall, Crookham Village and Church Crookham. 
Application forms available from Chris Stanbury, Clerk to the Trustees and for more information.
01252 683089 or 0771 234 1850
Closing date for applications Friday 31st August 2013

2 Aug 2013

Possible Freeview TV interference from 4G phone signals and how to get a filter if it affects you. Details here>>.

28 Jul 2013

Details of Hampshire County Council's subsidised Handyperson service are here>> and here>>. Please spead the word to potential users of this service.

28 Jul 2013

Update on closure of Gally Hill Road for water mains work is here>>.

16 Jul 2013

First phase of Gally Hill Road closure details here>> and diversions here>>.

16 Jul 2013

RAF Odiham August programme of sports for open to all youngsters 9+ is here>>.

16 Jul 2013

Age Concern Hamsphire Food and Friendship scheme calls for volunteers here>>.

11 Jul 2013

Public drop-in session about closure of Gally Hill Road for replacment of water main 4:30-6:30pm on 16 July in the Willis Hall. Details here>>.

11 Jul 2013

Advance notice of works on Pilcot Road footway here>>.

11 Jul 2013

Temporary closure of Tweseldown Road. Details here>> and diversion route here>>.

8 Jul 2013

RAF Odiham advise that there may be increased aircraft activity in the local area due to their Families Day on Saturday 13 July.

4 Jul 2013

Public meeting to consult on proposals for further traffic calming in Crondall Road will be held in the WI Hall, The Street, from 6-8pm on Wednesday 11 September 2013.

11 Jun 2013

Trading Standards warning about offers to tarmac is here>>.

6 Jun 2013

Summer crime prevention advice and new police warnings of crime in the local area here>>.

28 May 2013

The HCC Village Agent for Church Crookham helps older people to find information and services. They are holding an open afternoon in the main hall of Grange Estate at 2pm on Wednesday 3 July. All welcome. Free tea and biscuits. Details here>>.

20 May 2013

Latest crime prevention advice leaflet here>>.

20 May 2013

More details of soccer training scheme for 5-14 year-old boys and girls up to 30 August here>>.

13 May 2013

Hampshire councils offer free energy-switch advice. Sign up by 3 June. Details here>>.

28 Apr 2013

Whitson Holiday Football Coaching run by Aldershot Town Community Trust at Oakley Park 28-30 May 1000-1400. Managed by FA qualified coaches the courses cost £49 and are supported by the Safer North Hampshire team including Hart District Council and Fleet Town Council. See bottom of page here>> for booking and details.

28 Apr 2013

The April 2013 Safer Hart newsletter here>> gives details of National Citizen Service opportunities for exciting sporting actiivities for youngsters aged 16-17 during the 2013 Summer holidays.

20 Apr 2013

New No 30/31 Fleet Buzz bus service from Basingstoke to Farnborough Kingsmede via Crookham Village, Zebon Copse and Fleet Station with connection to Frimley Park Hospital started 15 April 2013. Timetable here>>.

20 Apr 2013

HCC advises that the upgrading of street lamps in Crookham Village is scheduled for June and July 2013. New heads and, where required, columns will be installed.

15 Apr 2013

February 2013 Parish Questionnaire results are now available here>>.

7 Apr 2013

Police warning and advice on theft of fuel oil is here>>.

27 Mar 2013

Major water main works on Gally Hill Road 29 April-August 2013. Details here>>.

14 Mar 2013

Temporary closure of footpath to Calthorpe Park School for construction of cycleway. Details and alternative route here>>.

9 Mar 2013

Hart consulation on major changes to parking fees, including removal of Red Spaces free parking bays, closes on 28 March 2013. Details here>>.

9 Feb 2013

Home and vehicle security roadshows in Hart during March 2013. Details here>>.

1 Feb 2013

Trading Standards warnings: carpet cleaner and Express Courier scams. Details here>>.

25 Jan 2013

Repair of manhole outside Brook House due 29 January.

18 Jan 2013

CVPC seeks to coopt a councillor to fill the vacancy for the Netherhouse Ward. Details here>>.

12 Jan 2013

Trading Standards warning of rogue traders offering free loft and cavity wall insulation in the Church Crookham area. Details here>>.

2 Jan 2013

Details of a Hampshire County Council public consultation on all ascpects of road maintenance and management (cut-off end Jan 2013) are here>>.

2 Jan 2013

Hart youth (under 25) volunteering opportunities for Jan and Feb 2013 are here>>.

19 Dec 2012

Vacancy for Parish Councillor for Netherhouse Ward of Crookham Village Parish Council. Details here>>.

30 Nov 2012

CVPC and CVPC Finance Committee meeting dates for 2013 are now available here>>.

26 Nov 2012

Autumn 2012 Crookham Village Association newsletter here>>.

14 Nov 2012

Hart District Local Plan Core Strategy 2011-2029 is now out for consultation again with a closing date for inputs of 5pm Monday 7 January 2013.
Details here>>.

26 Oct 2012

An open day covering Fleet Town Council's Fleet Vision will be held in the Harlington Centre, Fleet from 10am to 4pm on 24 November 2012.

26 Oct 2012

A new online magazine about Homes in Hampshire is here>>.

23 Oct 2012

Aldershot Road junction with Sandy Lane and Gally Hill Road closures for QEB road works. Details here>>.

9 Oct 2012

Hampshire Volunteer Centre Network seeks volunteer drivers to help community transport. Details here>>.

14 Sep 2012

HCC public consultation on Pilcot Road footway options in the WI Hall, The Street from 6-8pm on Monday 1 October.

20 Aug 2012

Crondall Rd will be closed to through traffic, but will remain open to residents and businesses for access from Pilcot Road. during essential electricity cable investigation works along the highway from Monday 10th September to Sunday 24th September 2012 (excluding weekends). Access to The Exchequer will be via the A287. Details here>> and diversion map here>>.

31 Jul 2012

New beat officer PC Jones to hold Crookham Village police surgery in the WI Hall car park from 1200-1300 on 22 August 2012.

23 Jul 2012

Places remain on the Conservation Youth Session next Wednesday 26 July. Details HERE and HERE. Booking form HERE.

18 Jul 2012

Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society annual Flower Show and Fete - Pilcot Farm, 2pm 21 July POSTPONED due waterlogged field.
NEW DATE 8 September 2012.

17 Jul 2012

Trading Standards warn of rougue traders offering drainage work that may be a cover for distraction burglaries. Details here>>.

9 Jul 2012

HCC footpath overlay for Google Earth available here>>.

8 Jul 2012

Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society annual Flower Show and Fete - Pilcot Farm, 2pm 21 July - details here>>.

7 Jul 2012

May 2012 Fleet area Public Transport pamphlet is HERE.

28 Jun 2012

Call for under-25 volunteers for North Hampshire Wildlife Youth Volunteer Project. Details here>>.

25 Jun 2012

Hart Citizens Advice June 2012 newsletter here>>.

18 Jun 2012

Hampshire Trading Standards June 2012 Scam Bulletin here>>.

17 Jun 2012

Advance warning of road closures in Hart from mid-June 2012 here>>.

13 Jun 2012

Spate of shed/garage burglaries in Church Crookham area. more>>

28 Apr 12

Minutes of 16 April 2012 Annual Parish Meeting more>>

28 Apr 2012

Deadline for comments on Sandy Lane traffic calming proposals is 1 May 2012. more>>

28 Apr 2012

Youth volunteering opportunities May 2012 more>>

25 Apr 2012

Church Crookham burglary warning more>>

16 Apr 2012

Church Lane Dogmersfield closures from Apr 2012 more>>

13 Apr 2012

Updated list of Church Crookham police surgeries more>>


7:45 pm Monday 7 March 2016
WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village


Note that from January 2016,
Planning and Finance meetings will run consecutively on the same evening.

followed by

8pm Monday 15 February 2016
Zebon Copse Centre, Danvers Drive


8pm Monday 8 February 2016
WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village

CVPC NP Web Site


ZCC CVPC manages Zebon Copse Centre. Full details HERE

A pictorial diary of the 2009 refurbishment of the Centre is HERE

CVPC map

COUNCIL MEETINGS are held in public on the first non-holiday monday of every month except August.

Start time is 7:45pm and the venue normally alternates between the
WI Hall, Crookham Village and the Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse.

There is always an opportunity for public participation, limited to 3 minutes per person, at the start of each meeting. If you have something to raise with the Council, please come along and have your say.

The ANNUAL PARISH MEETING is a special meeting, held once a year, devoted to a two-way exchange of views between the Parish Council and Parishioners.

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is a special council meeting at which the Chairman and other post holders are elected for the following year by councillors. The AGM usually continues into a normal council meeting.

There is usually no meeting of the full council in August.

Monday 2 November 2015 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 7 December 2015 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 4 January 2016 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 1 February 2016 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 7 March 2016 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 4 April 2016 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 11 April 2016 (APM) Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 9 May 2016 (AGM) WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 6 June 2016 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 4 July 2016 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 5 September 2016 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 3 October 2016 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
Monday 7 November 2016 Zebon Copse Centre, Zebon Copse
Monday 5 December 2016 WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village

Meetings of the CVPC Finance Committee,
which are open to the public and press,
are held in the Netherhouse Meeting Room of
Zebon Copse Centre, Danvers Drive, GU52 0ZE
at 8pm on the Tuesday before each full Parish Council meeting.

Meetings of the CVPC Planning Committee,
which are open to the public and press,
are held in the Crookham Hall of
Zebon Copse Centre, Danvers Drive, GU52 0ZE
at 8pm, normally on the 3rd Monday of each month.
Meetings will only be held if there is business to conduct.
Note that, where response timescales dictate, planning applications
may also be considered at full council meetings.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group now meets mothly
in the WI Hall, The Street, Crookham Village
when inputs from parishioners are most welcome to help improve the draft plan.
More details available on the NP web site.

16 February 2015  
16 March 2015 9 March 2015
20 April 2015
18 May 2015 12 May 2015
15 June 2015  
20 July 2015 13 July 2015
3 August 2015  
17 August 2015  
21 September 2015 14 September 2015
19 October 2015 12 October 2015
16 November 2015 9 November 2015
21 December 2015 14 December 2015
18 January 2016  
15 February 2016 8 February 2016
21 March 2016 14 March 2016
18 April 2016 Tuesday 12 April 2016
23 May 2016 16 May 2016
20 June 2016 13 June 2016
18 July 2016 11 July 2016
1 August 2016 8 August 2016
15 August 2016  
19 September 2016 12 September 2016
17 October 2016 10 October 2016
21 November 2016 14 November 2016
19 December 2016

12 December 2016

Note that Finance Committee meetings have been moved to the same time as Planning meetings from January 2016

Minutes of past meetings can be viewed HERE.

Current Topics

Public Transport 2015+

As from 5 January 2015, local bus service No 30 will be withdrawn. The only remaining bus service running close to the parish will be the No 72.

A pre-booked taxishare service will be available between Crookham Village, Church Crookham, Zebon Copse and Fleet/railway station.

The following documents explain what public transport will be available from 5 January 2015.

Changes to buses from 5 January 2015.

No 72 route map.
No 72 timetable from 24 May 2015 including local school buses.

1 September 2015

The No 72 bus is withdrawn and replaced by No 7, which avoids our parish. A new No 10 passes along Gally Hill Road from the Wyvern to Coxheath Road as did the old No 72. Apart from school buses, there are no Stagecoach bus routes through our parish any more despite protests.

School timetables and pickup points are changed as well.

Timetables and map of the new Nos 7 &10 bus services, plus revised school bus timetable and pickup points, are HERE with maps of the new school buse routes HERE and HERE.

The Stagecoach journey planner is HERE.

The Fleet Link service is available to residents of the parish. Prior registration and booking is required and pick up and drop off is from your home. Details HERE. Note that regsistration from 1 September is now through Rushmoor Voluntary Services on 01252-518090 from 0930-1230 Monday to Friday.

Fleet, Crookham, Elvetham Heath Taxishare continues to serve CV Parish.

As do Local Voluntary Car schemes.

Access to Advice

Hart Access to Advice

Hart Citizens Advice and Hart Voluntary Action have created an extremely useful web resource providing a guided web-search of key information on benefits, debt, consumer issues, tax, family relationships etc based on the most common questions asked by clients visiting the 2 CAB offices in Hart.  All these web-links are validated by the national Citizens Advice charity. 

Also included is a directory of community based services in the areas of health, social welfare, housing issues, money matters, public services, education and transport.  This directory is searchable by area/parish, type of service and type/age of beneficiary.    There is a facility to shortlist information which can be saved in a printable version of selected local services to give to people who do not have access to a computer or the internet.

2 April 2015:
New telephone line to Hart CAB on 03444 111444 gives direct access to a human assessor.


Hampshire Constabulary now have web pages giving news about police topics relevant to the Fleet area, including the parish of Crookham Village. The parish lies across three beat areas which roughly align with ward boundaries.

The Hampshire Police web page for Fleet and Church Crookham is HERE and that for the rural part of the parish is HERE.

The Hart Community Safety web site went live in December 2008 HERE.

ZCC signThe Zebon Copse Centre
7 September 2009: Because Velmead Community Centre is often mistaken for facilities associated with the area around Velmead School in Fleet, the facility has been renamed The Zebon Copse Centre (ZCC for short) to coincide with its re-opening after major refurbishment.
The refurbished hall is now fully open for business again.

June 2010
Crookham Village Parish Council has now taken over Zebon Copse Centre buildings and land from Hart District Council.
See HERE for details of the facilities and for booking details.

New Play Boulder at Velmead May 2009
Youngsters enjoying the new play boulderIn collaboration with HDC and the Big Lottery Fund, the Parish Council is installing a 3m play boulder opposite the swings on the bigger play area at Velmead on Zebon Copse.

The foundations were prepared on 1 May 2009 and the boulder itself is due to be installed on Wednesday 6 May 2009.

14 May 2009: The new pair of play boulders are now in use within an extension to the senior play area and proving very popular with adventurous youngsters.

Grit Bins for Zebon Copse February 2010
Following experience of untreated roads during the recent snows, CVPC has decided to purchase 4 additional salt/grit bins for Zebon Copse - 2 for Brandon Road, one for Jessett Drive and one for the Pawmers Mead area of Browning Road. These will be installed and subsequently filled by HCC.

8 February 2010
First 2 bins for Danvers Drive and Jessett drive to be installed by HCC Highways this week. Other two on order by CVPC.

12 February 2010
All four grit bins now in place and filled. Job complete.

Energy Saving Advice
July 2009: Are you interested in finding out more about energy saving, climate change and renewable energy? If so, this collection of articles on energy saving and the associated services should be useful.
Find out how to insulate your home, drive smarter and make more of your energy.
Articles are provided by the United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA). This not-for-profit company operates an Energy Saving Trust advice centre in the South East (Thames Valley and Solent). It also manages Cocoon, the free comparison service which can help homeowners find the best deals on cavity wall and loft insulation.

30 August 2010
Individuals and organisations may wish to note the energy-saving advice available from the Environment Centre (tEC).

13 May 2013
Hampshire councils offer free energy-switch advice. Sign up by 3 June 2013. Details here>>.

SHLAA - CV Parish Housing Sites
July 2009: Hart Council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment has proposed a number of sites in and around the parish for inclusion in the draft Local Development Framework.
See HERE for an overview map of proposed sites around CV Parish, HERE for the June 2009 CVPC Newsletter and HERE for full details from HDC.
The CVPC response of 6 July 2009 is HERE.

March 2010
The SHLAA report is now available on line HERE and includes all the sites around the parish which generated so much local interest when first published in draft.

June 2010
Housing targets are currently under review following changes to Goverment guidance. The SHLAA remains a source document, but it will now be judged in a new light.

April 2011
A new edition of the SHLAA has been published showing even more encirclement of the Parish.
The full SHLAA documents are available on line HERE.  That page also has an option near the bottom for submitting comments.
Hart Planning Policy can be accessed HERE.

Review of Potential Sites for Rural Exception Housing April 2009
HDC consulted local residents and established that there was a case for a further 20 affordable dwellings under the Rural Exception Scheme (as Knight Close) in Crookham Village with occupancy restricted to those with local connections.

Note that this project is on hold until the future of nearby SHLAA sites has been clarified.

Leaf Blowing December 2012
Watery Lane track cleared of leavesAs in recent years, CVPC has employed a local contractor to blow leaves from main paths in Zebon Copse and along the towpath from Malthouse Bridge to Crookham Wharf. Not only does this make the paths safer to walk during the winter, but it reduces the build up of leaf mould which, over time, would cover all-weather paths in mud. The aim is to avoid a repeat of problems such as those experienced with the Watery Lane track leading up to the Swing Bridge from the Zebon side which required the laying of a complete new surface a few years back.

Footpath 2/14 Boardwalk Completed
Hillyburrow hilltop

October 2008: A new boardwalk is now in place across the boggy crossing on FP2 at its intersection with FP14 on the south side of Hillyburrow. Funding by CVPC with support from Hampshire County Council.
The stream has also been dug out on the upstream side in a bid to reduce the incidence of flooding. However, since this area acts as a water meadow and reduces the risk of flooding downstream, this area will still be liable to flood in the wettest weather.

Hillyburrow Trees Protected
Hillyburrow hilltop
August 2008: a new fence has been erected by CVPC to protect the landmark copse of trees at the top of Hillyburrow against further damage from horses.

Post Office Pay Phone to go ?Phone box November 2008
June 2008: BT is proposing to remove the pay phone from outside the Post Office in Crookham Village.

September 2008: CVPC decided that it will not adopt or sponsor the phone box. See para 157/08 in these minutes.

December 2008: After representations from villagers at the CVPC meeting on 1 December, the Council reconsidered its decision to allow the Post Office telephone box to be removed and resolved to request that BT leave the box in place without a working telephone inside. A volunteer offered to help with the subsequent upkeep. Since the deadline has passed, it is not yet clear whether BT will agree.

5 January 2009: BT has agreed to sell the box (minus the phone) to the Parish Council. Handover date has yet to be defined. CVPC will be looking for voluntary help from villagers (especially those who offered to help at the December parish meeting) to keep the box and its surround in good order.

17 October 2009: Following purchase by CVPC, a group of volunteers is refurbishing the box as a village landmark. See HERE for more details.

29 November 2009:
Phone box October 2009The Parish Council and Crookham Village Association congratulate volunteers on winning a £100 prize from British Telecom for their hard work in restoring the village Telephone Kiosk.
The many walkers, ramblers and cyclists who have passed the renovated Kiosk have commented on the need to retain this iconic village symbol. We can now proudly show our bright shiny red telephone kiosk as an example of community spirit, which we feel certain will be the envy of neighbouring villages.
As a Village feature, CVPC welcomes suggestions for items to display inside. We have already considered the possibility of floral arrangements, art work by local schools and, during the festive season, a small solar-powered Christmas Tree. Please contact the CVPC with any other suggestions
A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the renovation.

Following representations by concerned residents at the 2008 APM, CVPC is investigating ways in which traffic issues on village roads might be addressed more effectively. Watch this space for progress reports in due course.

1 September 2008
A draft scheme to address traffic issues along Crondall Road has been prepared at CVPC request by HCC and will be reviewed at the resumed Parish Council meeting on 15 September.

15 September 2008
A draft scheme for traffic calming measures along Crondall Road and alterations to the speed limits at the southern end was presented to the Parish Council with residents of Crondall Road in attendance. These plans and residents' views will be be discussed at the CVPC meeting on 6 October.

6 October 2008
To give a wider spectrum of parishioners the opportunity to contribute their views, consideration by CVPC of draft plans for addressing traffic issues along Crondall Road has been deferred until after a wider consultation via the next issue of the Parish Newsletter due out shortly.

9 November 2008
The DRAFT traffic management scheme for Crondall Road proposed by HDC/HCC is HERE.
Comments welcome to the clerk.

21 December 2008
As described in the December 2008 Newsletter, there will be a public meeting to discuss traffic issues in the parish in the WI Hall, The Street, at 8pm on Monday 19 January 2009.

19 January 2009
33 parishioners attended a meeting in public on 19 January and presented their views on traffic to the Parish Council. Notes of that meeting are HERE.
CVPC will be considering what detailed proposals to put to HCC Highways at their regular parish council meeting on 2 February 2009 in the WI Hall. Interested parishioners are very welcome to attend.

9 February 2009
At their delayed monthly meeting on 9 February, CVPC decided to seek implementation of most of the proposals from Hampshire County Council with the addition of a 40mph segment southwards from Zephon Common Lane to Two Ponds. Councillors will also discuss other proposals from residents with HCC engineers.
CVPC also decided to purchase a Speed Indicator Device that can be deployed around the parish to flash warnings at motorists depending on their speed and to record actual speeds and numbers of vehicles to assist in putting forward a case for further action if current measures prove inadequate.

8 November 2009
Hampshire County Council, after consultation with the police, have moved the start of the proposed change to the 30mph speed limit near Zephon Common Lane compared to that originally proposed and aired in public by CVPC. The revised diagram is HERE with the revised extension shown in purple. Residents are invited to comment to HCC as per the notices posted along Crondall Road with copies, please, to CVPC.

23 November 2009
A crowded meeting in public reviewed the final proposals for Crondall Road traffic measures and, in particular, the extension proposed for the 30mph speed limit south from Chequers Bridge. Minutes of that meeting are HERE.

7 December 2009
Latest news is that work is likely to start in February 2010.

4 January 2010
Start date now slipped to last 2 weeks of February at the earliest due to recent bad weather.

1 February 2010
Following further bad weather, the start date has further slipped to the end of February 2010.

1 March 2010
Further delay has been caused by continued bad weather.
The projected start date is now 22 March 2010.

The new scheme is now in place. Effectiveness is being monitored.

6 December 2013
Following public consultation, the new scheme proposed for Crondall Road traffic calming is described here.

November 2014
Proposals for revised speed limits on Crondall road are here.

31 December 2014
Final plans for revised speed limits and traffic calming on Crondall Road are here>>. Work is expected to start in February or March 2015.

CVPC Traffic Incident Reporting
To assist in making the case for highway improvements in the Parish, parishioners who are concerned by particular traffic incidents are invited to report details to CVPC using a standardised form in WORD format for those who wish to fill it in on the computer, or as PDF for those who wish to handwrite and post. Save a copy on your computer for future use. There is room for three reports per form, or you can send in one form per incident if you wish.

If the incident is significant, you should also report it to the police on 999 (immediate action required) or 101 (for less urgent events),

Completed forms can be sent by post to the Clerk (address below), or as an email attachment to

The Speedwatch Scheme supports teams of local volunteers recording speeding traffic who pass results to the police for follow-up action. Details HERE (2mb PDF). If a team of parishioners wishes to investigate this scheme further, please contact

If you are affected by flooding at your property, contact Thames water on 0845 9200 800 so that they are fully aware of all the problems. Reports by ZCRA about the storms of April and July 2007 are HERE. Responsibility for flooding is very fragmented. Hart Council's flooding page is HERE.

Hart Homes Scheme
Hart Homes allocates housing association property for rent. Their web site is HERE.

Looking for Local Walks ?
A map showing footpaths in Hampshire, including those around Crookham, is available on line at Search using your postcode to see footpaths in your area.

Another source of Hampshire walks is

16 November 2009
Hart Neighbourhood Centre, Hook ( are running a programme of Healthy Walks.
Come along and join organised stroll around the villages. A chance to enjoy the outdoors and meet people! All abilities welcome. Cup of tea and a chat always included.
Hook: Every Monday 11am (excluding Bank Holidays) Meets at the Hart Neighbourhood Centre in Hook. Church Crookham: Every Tuesday 11am Meets at Wickham Court in Church Crookham
Fleet: Every Wednesday 11am. Meets at Fleet Cricket Club
Odiham: Every Thursday 1.45pm Meets at the Bridewell Centre in Odiham
Hartley Wintney: Every Friday 11am Meets at Rosefield Court in Hartley Wintney
If you are walking with us for the first time could you please arrive 10 minutes early to meet the walk leaders. New walk leaders needed! If you enjoy walking and would like to spend some time each month helping others to do the same, please call Emma for more information about becoming a volunteer walk leader, full free training given. Please contact 01256 760800

Footpath 15 Rerouting Permanent - September 2011
Footpath 15 from Watery Lane into Tryplets is now permanently re-rerouted across the modern footbridge which has been in use for many years now. The old route across a ricketty narrow wooden footbridge a few yards upstream has been permanently extinguished and the old footbridge removed. See the notice HERE and the map HERE.

June 2012
HCC overlay of Rights of Way for Google Earth available HERE.

Confused about your rubbish collection day?
See HERE for details of the current allocations from Hart District Council.

Parish Plan
Questionnaires were circulated to all parishioners with a closing date for replies of 31 December 2005. Preliminary results were presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on TUESDAY 4 April 2006.

Key results of the Parish Questionnaire


968 residents responded.  Thank you all!!


Response rate: 32%, by household


Residents take issue with:

Future housing developments that are not supported by adequate investment in infrastructure

Developments that threaten green spaces and 'strategic gaps' between built-up areas


Residents want action on:

Infrastructure to enhance existing developments

Speeding traffic

Dog fouling


Residents care about:

The local environment

Refuse collection, recycling and community composting

Fostering a more vibrant community spirit in the Parish


Grants from Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council
mean that the cost of the survey has been kept down to only 40p per household.


Thanks again to everyone who took time to respond.


Your responses, together with additional comments received at the Annual Parish Meeting,
will be used by Crookham Village Parish Council during the preparation of the Parish Plan
and as supporting evidence when seeking to address residents' concerns.


July 2010
The CVPC Parish Plan has now been published. Printed copies are being delivered to all households in the parish. An electronic version may be viewed HERE.

April 2013
Results of the February 2013 Parish Questionnaire are HERE.

Injuries to Children
The Parish Council is investigating Safer Routes to School in conjunction with local schools. If you have views, please contact the clerk as given below.



Appeals against Householder refusals - rules change 6 April 2009.
Appeals must now be lodged within 12 weeks of the refusal decision rather than the previous limit of 6 months. Furthermore, there will no longer be an opportunity to make further comments on these appeal applications - only the original comments will be taken into account by the Inspector.
New householder applications to Hart from 6 April will be allocated the suffix /HOU rather than /FUL to indicate that the above change applies.
Note that this does not affect non-Householder appeals or appeals against imposed conditions.

New Planning Regulations came into force on 1 October 2008
and allow much more freedom for adding extensions etc to domestic properties without needing planning permission. At the same time, new restrictions have been introduced for hard standings in front gardens.
Details on line at the Planning Portal, including an interactive 3D guide.
Hart Council, via their planning help desk on 01252-774419, can provide advice on whether proposals require planning permission.
Article 4 restrictions still apply to listed buildings and within conservation areas.
Building Regulations still apply and must be complied with even if planning permission is not required.

Hart Council issues weekly lists of new planning applications, which can be viewed on line via Public Access HERE.

Full details of current planning applications in Hart can be examined at the Offices of Hart District Council, and are available on line HERE.

If you wish to query a possible breach of planning control, you can do so through the Enforcement section of Hart District Council. Details are HERE.

Significant planning applications affecting the Parish are considered by the CVPC Planning Committee at meetings in public at which there is an opportunity for parishioners to put their views before the application is considered by the committee. See parish notice boards and this web site for notices.

Note that the Parish Council is not empowered to determine planning applications, but their comments are taken into account when Hart Council, the local Planning Authority, makes its decision on applications.

Past monthly reports of the CVPC Planning Committee are HERE.

Parish Council Contact Details

Mrs Carol Leversha
Daegmarsfield Farm
Church Lane
RG27 8SZ

Telephone / Fax 01252 810568


Planning committee chairman:

Crookham Village Parish Council has the following councillors:
following the election on 3 May 2012

Note that Crookham Village Parish Councillors are non-political

Crookham Village Ward
Cllr Peter Crawley
Cllr Indra Sinka

Netherhouse Ward
Cllr Wendy Makepeace-Brown (co-opted May 2013)

Zebon Ward
Cllr Julia Ambler
Cllr Simon Ambler (Chairman)
Cllr Clive Eastwood (co-opted June 2014)
Cllr David Jackson (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Richard Eastment (co-opted March 2014)


Other Contacts
Hampshire County Councillors
County Division: Church Crookham and Ewshot
including CVPC wards Zebon and Crookham Village

John Bennison (CCH)
1 Sandpit Cottages,
Tadpole Lane, Ewshot,
Surrey, GU10 5BX
Tel: 01252 850447

County Division: Fleet
including CVPC ward Netherhouse Moor

Sharyn Wheale (Con)
Cabot House
29 Chestnut Grove
GU51 3LN
Tel: 01252 616080
Mobile: 07922 268282

Hart District Ward Councillors
updated after May 2014 election

HDC: Crookham West and Ewshot Ward
Jenny Radley (CCH)
63A Sandy Lane
Church Crookham
GU52 8BX
Tel: 01252 628751
Simon Ambler (CCH)
39 du Maurier Close
Church Crookham
GU52 0YA
Tel: 01252 625808
Tony Clarke (CCH)
2 Hitches Lane
Crookham Village
GU51 5SW
Tel: 01252 627547

Hart out of hours noise complaints 0845-6770678.

Farnborough Airfield noise complaints 01252-526001

Local Societies
Crookham Village Parish Council is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society
Crookham Village Association
Crookham Village Twinning Association
Zebon Copse Residents' Association

External Links
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Church Crookham Parish Council
Dogmersfield Parish Council
Fleet Town Council
RAF Odiham

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